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Week in Reviews: 2.5 Stars For Pizzeria Ortica

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After thankfully clarifying that David Myers does not, in fact, ride a skateboard to Orange County, Miss Irene goes to file a rather glowing take on Pizzeria Ortica. Though the pizzas are more than respectable (if a bit inconsistent), ultimately it's the pasta dishes that win her over:

In case you've jumped to the conclusion that Pizzeria Ortica may have been inspired by Pizzeria Mozza, I'd say you're probably right ... But Pizzeria Ortica is not a carbon copy. For one thing, the menu includes pasta, some of the best in Southern California, plus a fine antipasti and salad menu, and a handful of well-conceived main courses.
Lady Virbilator goes on to praise the pastas, declaring them the memorable part of the experience, but in terms of a continued business boom, the most crucial moment of the review might prove to be her rec of Pizzeria Ortica as a pre-theater destination: "...this is the place to stop either before or after for a quick bite or a full-on dinner." Final grade: 2.5 stars. [LAT]

THE ELSEWHERE & THE BLOGS: takes an early look at the splendor of Bottega Louie, Serious Eaters descend upon Shabu Shabu House, the OCR is at Eat Chow in Costa Mesa, the Daily Trojan gives its new neighbor The Lab a try, No Salad has plenty of pretty photos from Craft, and last but not least, the food section takes a look at Hunan restaurants in San Gabriel, including Xiang Wei Lou.

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