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StarWatch: Reese Lunches at Huckleberry, Mickey Rourke and Sting at Ago, and So Much More!

Spot a celebrity out on the dining scene and/or pretending to eat? Oh, you most certainly know what to do.

2009_02_huckleberry.jpg1) Huckleberry: None other than Ms. Reese Witherspoon was spotted lunching at Huckleberry last week. No word on whether she asked to share Jonathan Gold's table. [StarWatch Inbox]

2) Ago: People still go to Ago, and some of those people are famous: Mickey Rourke was spotted there on Wednesday night and Sting was there on Monday night with his wife and Chris Botti. [StarWatch Inbox]

3) The Buffalo Club: Last Friday was a starry one at one Santa Monica venue: "Jon Cusak dining on steak with Ned Bellamy on Friday, April 10 at The Buffalo Club." Same night, different table, Meryl Streep was eating oysters at an eight-top. [StarWatch Inbox]

4) John O'Groats: "My boyfriend and I were eating breakfast on Sunday morning at John O'Groats, and I looked towards the door and saw Jonah Hill's recognizable face and dark rimmed glasses. At first I wasn't sure if it was him or not because his hair was cut shorter than he's had it in the past. He appeared to be with friends and/or family." [StarWatch Inbox]

5) Amici Brentwood: From the inbox: "Larry David with daughter and a friend ( I think that's who she was, young girl that he has been in with before) tomato soup, Caesar salad branzino. Goldie Hawn and son (Oliver Hudson), early dinner." [StarWatch Inbox]

6) Kate Mantilini: Someone at Kate Mantilini passes along the following list of stars that passed through this week and last. Breathe in: Sharon Stone, Keanu Reeves, James Ellroy and Rumor Willis. [StarWatch]

7) Shin: Well, we suppose this still counts as a celebrity sighting, but barely: "I was at Shin last night ($25 deal is terrific, by the way - as soon as we were done with one plate of meat, our server was immediately back asking us "What's next! What's next!") and Carson Daly was dining with 7 other douch-ey looking middle-aged men. They were all shaking hands and congratulating some guy who wasn't Carson." [StarWatch Inbox]

8) Peppone's: "Saw Aussie actor George Lazenby - 007 in On Her Majesty's Secret Service - at Peppone's the other night." [StarWatch Inbox]

9) Wilshire Restaurant: Insert your cakeage jokes here: "Michael Keaton, at Wilshire Restaurant in Santa Monica, sporting crutches and talking business over cocktails with his guest." [StarWatch Inbox]

[Photo: Flickr/baochi]

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