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Good News/Bad News: Street

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Sweet, sweet Street. Still less than a month old, Susan Feniger's solo debut has already caused quite the flurry among media folk of all sizes, and it seems that just about everyone has filed some sort of opinion on the Hollywood hotspot. So, as myriad blurry food photos abound about the local blogosphere and with some visits from Miss Irene looming on the horizon, we thought it high time to take a look at the early buzz from Street.

Encouraging News: "Susan Feniger's STREET is a fascinating concept that's partially realized: Giving customers a chance to experience Street Food from around the world in a relaxed setting. The concept is great, the space is charming, the staff is mostly great, but ultimately it's about the food, and the food isn't all there yet." [Chowhound]

Good News "Globe trot=five courses for 35 dollars. Not too shabby. Price-wise it was pretty reasonable. Except the 2 cookies for 7 dollars." [Eater Comments]

More Good News: "The place was packed and it took a bit for us to get a table, but the wait was worth it, and the staff was friendly and knowledgeable and attentive (and cute!)." [Yelp]

Bad News, Design Front: "I went to street yesterday and noticed a major design flaw. The door to the patio opens into the restaurant, so when our waiter had both hands full, he couldn't open the door. Someone has to open it for him ... I had never seen that before. It's kind of laughable. He literally stood there just looking at the door with a bowl in each hand." [Eater Inbox]

Your Requisite Idiotic Yelp Contribution: "I ate their on Saturday night. The food ranged from good to forgettable ... To make matters worse, they did not offer to buy us a round of drinks and only took a few appetizers off the menu when we asked them to 'do something' at the end of the meal." [Yelp]

And About That Controversial Pho: "Next came perhaps the most anticipated dish, the $16 bowl of pho which I questioned on Eater LA just a few days before Street opened ... Feniger's version was served with limp vermicelli noodles; the broth was an overly sour and thoroughly unfocused one that didn't harmonize at all with the noodles. The meat was forgetable though not objectionable. And while the portion you see here is actually a split of the full size, even the combined bowls we received wouldn't equal a third of a "small" sized bowl one might get at a $6 pho place in El Monte or Little Saigon." [Matt]

Man Confused About Concept of a Main Course News: "I found most of the appetizers good (which means fair, enjoyable) and some very good, only a couple were real let downs. However, most of the main courses fell short. Another problem is that the restaurant's concept is geared towards you trying a bunch of things. The portion sizes and pricing certainly work with the appetizers. But the main course are huge and too pricey if you are going to want to try a lot of things." [Chowhound]

The Golden News (Or, In Summation): "Cumin-scented millet puffs are brought to the table instead of bread and butter, and if that sounds like a good idea to you, Street — especially the comfortable patio abutting the fire pit — may become your new favorite restaurant ... This is a restaurant that understands Hollywood." [LAW]
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Your additional thoughts and opinions in the comments, please.

Susan Feniger's STREET

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