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Week in Reviews: Fig Nabs 2.5 Green Stars

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Today, the Sherry Express rolls into Santa Monica's Fairmont Miramar to check out the latest hotel restaurant hit the scene, Fig. Once she gets past some awkward voyeurism at the bar (triple crème fetish alert), Miss Irene files a very encouraging take—it is Earth Day, after all— on chef Ray Garcia's super-seasonal cooking:

...chefs and restaurateurs are busy trying to position themselves as being sustainable, organic, local or all three. At Fig, I do sense a real commitment to buying what's fresh and local ... But if it really were so easy to do a restaurant serving fresh seasonal cuisine at moderate prices, we would be rolling in them.
Just about every dish gets the stamp of approval; in fact, you'd be hard-pressed to find any negative remarks in the entire review, which (it could be argued) makes the final grade seem slightly arbitrary. End result: a rather glowing, if nebulous, 2.5 stars. [LAT]

ELSEWHERE ON THE REVIEW CIRCUIT: The Find double-dips this week at San Gabriel's Bamboodles and Monterey Park's Kam Hong Garden, LA Mag files on Cecconi's in its May issue, the OCR is at Prime Cut in Orange, Losanjealous does its Under $10 thing at Tokyo 7-7 Coffee Shop in Culver City, 3 Buck Bites finds Native Foods, and finally, MyLastBite tried out the new brunch at the Bazaar.

[Photo: Fig]