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On Cocktail Prices

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Regarding today's piece on Westside Tavern: "All of the specialty cocktails at the bar run $9, which is a steal for involved, handcrafted cocktails that will set you back nearly $15 at many other mixology-focused bars, including Copa d'Oro, the Association and Varnish." Let's break this down to the best of our knowledge, shall we? At the Varnish, cocktails are all $11 (see: GPS). At the Association, most are $10 (see: Caroline). At Copa d'Oro, some are $9, some do indeed approach $15, but there's also a $5 happy hour (see: LAist/menu). If these prices have changed, do let us know. [LAT]

Westside Tavern

10850 W Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90064 310 470 1539 Visit Website

The Varnish Bar

118 E 6th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013 213 622 9999 Visit Website

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