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Death of Society: Wolfgang Puck Sued After Woman's Alleged Restroom Disaster/Comedy Show

According to a TMZ report, Wolfgang Puck is being sued by a diner who alleges she had a restroom disaster at Spago back in 2007. The story kind of reads like a scene out of a Three Stooges bit, but we'll start at the beginning. First, the woman claims that there were "standing pools of urine and feces" in the bathroom at arguably the most renowned restaurant in Beverly Hills. To make things worse, the door didn't have a lock. And then things get ridiculous. Take it away, TMZ:

...the woman, Majorie Linden, claims she had to use one of her hands to hold the door closed while she took care of business on the throne. But mid-squat, with her hand stuck firmly on the handle, another woman allegedly yanked the door open causing Linden to fall "face-first onto the tile floor." Marjorie claims the fall broke her back, messed up her knee, and caused serious mental damage -- among other things.
The Spago contingent, of course, denies that the restaurant's bathrooms have ever been in the aforementioned state and says "that portion of the claim is totally without merit."
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