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EaterWire: Providence Does Foie Gras, Cafe Was Starts Lunch, Jamie Oliver's New Kid

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CELEBDOM— Yes, Jamie Oliver's newborn is named Petal Blossom Rainbow. [Twitter via ENY]

MID-CITY—As seen by this menu, the foie gras tasting menu at Providence (pictured) is out of control. [Chowhound]

LOS ANGELES—The 2009 Taco Tourney is down to the finals, and it's pretty much your civic duty to vote. The finalists are two family-owned favorites: Los Feliz’s Yuca’s and Santa Monica’s Tacos Por Favor. So far it's neck and neck. [LA Taco]

HOLLYWOOD—From a tipster: "I went into Shin tonight with some co-workers. It was practically empty, but, to be fair, it was at opening. Unfortunately, there were no hipster celebs to poke fun at, but it looks like they just started serving all-you-can-eat ($25, I think). You know, like every other good Korean BBQ in the world." [EaterWire]

WEHO—Not only is Ivan Kane's Cafe Was starting lunch service on April 13th, but the restaurant will be offering free lunch on Tax Day (April 15th) from 11am-3pm. [EaterWire]


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