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StarWatch: Timberlake at Father's Office, Halle Berry at RockSugar, Heather Mills at Vegan Glory, More!

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You see them eating and they don't care if they see you. Want to submit an item for the StarWatch? You know the number.
[Alen Lin 5/08]

1) Father's Office: On Saturday night (3/28), Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel had dinner at the Culver City location of Father's Office. [StarWatch Inbox]

2) Huckleberry: Because she's a star this week in particular: Susan Feniger was spotted at Huckleberry earlier today. [StarWatch Inbox]

3) RockSugar: From the inbox: "Halle Berry was spotted on a date night with her equally gorgeous boyfriend Gabriel Aubrey intimately dining for the third time at RockSugar Pan Asian Kitchen on Tuesday." [StarWatch Inbox]

4) Vegan Glory: "My boyfriend and I saw Mucca (Heather Mills), her daughter Beatrice, and a man friend at Vegan Glory. They seemed to be in good spirits. Beatrice was singing all throughout the meal." [StarWatch Inbox]

5) El Cholo: Sigh, it's a depressing reflection on our world that this this counts as a celebrity sighting, but oh well: "Octomom visited El Cholo in La Habra yesterday w 3 of her children." [StarWatch Inbox]

6) Morels: "Pint sized power house Shawn Johnson dined at Morels with her family after working up an appetite on Dancing with the Stars on Tuesday night." [StarWatch Inbox]

7) Villa Lounge: A reader passes along the following moment of brilliance from an SBE bouncer in Hollywood clubland: "Not so for Dina Lohan, who took Lindsay, 22, and Ali, 15, to Villa on March 25 ... 'Do you know who I am?”' Dina protested when they were turned away at the door because of Ali’s age. " [MSNBC]

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