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EaterWire: More Twittering Taco Trucks, Shin Unlimited

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Photo: Alen Lin

TWITTERVERSE—We're starting to sense a trend: " can track [the Los Hermanos Lonchera Sin Frontera taco truck] on Twitter, where they leave status updates on where they'll show up with their creations." See more of your favorite LA food folk on Twitter? Let us know and we'll compile something fun. [OCW]

HOLLYWOOD—We mentioned this in passing last week, and now comes the official word: Shin is offering a $25 all-you-can-eat menu. The unlimited portions are for only seven dishes on the value menu: BBQ chicken, spicy pork, thin sliced brisket, spicy chicken, thick sliced pork belly, bulgogi and the signature ribs. [EaterWire]

LOS ANGELES—There's an odd piece in today's SF Chronicle about rowdy diners, and we couldn't help but share the following stereotypical SoCal bit: "In Los Angeles they don't wear coats, just their latest plastic surgery. Sommelier Paul Einbund recalls working at a restaurant there, where one diner's lips had been so pumped full of collagen she couldn't eat her soup. 'She would hold the spoon to her mouth and it would just dribble down her chin,' he says. 'Finally, she just started lapping it up with her tongue like a little puppy.'" You do hate to see that. [Chron]