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EaterWire: Chef Salaries, Ortolan Brunch, Kogi Recap

INDUSTRY—Some of the findings in a recent survey of chefs' salaries: executive chef salaries averaged $74,869 in 2008 (down from $77,611 over the last four years), pastry chef salaries have taken a 13% nosedive in 2009, male executive chefs make 18% more than their female counterparts, and Miami is the best paying city. [StarChefs]

MID-CITY—Per Zagat, Christophe Eme has started serving "an upscale Gallic brunch" at Ortolan and if you're in the market for a $43 Dover sole on a Sunday morning, look no further. [Zagat]

DOWNTOWN—Ok, who's the asshole who ordered 40 tacos at Kogi today? From the comments: "They ran out of short ribs, the wait was two hours long, and they limited the number of things you could order after someone placed an order for 40 tacos. It got really tense towards the end and they said that they've never had a turnout like this in Downtown for lunch." [~ELA~] [Photo: Ortolan]

Kogi BBQ Food Truck

Moving Target!, Southern California, CA