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EaterWire: Burrito Wars Ignite, Toi on Wilshire Closed

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CALIFORNIA—Somewhere, Jonathan Gold is laughing to himself while simultaneously eating a burrito. His anti-Mission burrito rant today has predictably renewed the fiery debate about which California city's burrito reigns supreme. The phrase "soggy steamed pup-tents" is particularly entertaining. [ESF/SFist]

SANTA MONICA—Per Tasting Table, Toi on Wilshire has shuttered after 15 years. As mentioned earlier, the new owner for the space is Adam Milstein and the working DBA is NY&C. [TT]

PASADENA—The aftermath from yesterday's food giveaway at Brix 42: around 8pm, tipsters reported an hour-plus wait, and in sum, the restaurant reportedly gave away 700 meals. [EaterWire]
[Photo: Flickr/jennamilly]