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Switcheroos: La Cachette to Shutter When Bistro Opens

West LA/Santa Monica: Just off the wire comes the disappointing news that La Cachette will be shuttering at the end of July, at which point the Meteigners will use the current space for private events only. The silver lining for La Cachette fans is that the move will coincide with the debut of La Cachette Bistro, which will open the day after the original closes (so many bistros in LA!). Last we checked in with the Santa Monica sequel, work had yet to begin on Ocean, but as of today, it's slated for an August 1st opening. Per the announcement, the forthcoming bistro will be a biggie too: 5,000 square foot space and over 200 seats. Until then, you've got two and a half months to say goodbye to La Cachette.
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