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EaterWire: Cabbage Patch Brunch, Best Bars in America, Mariani Exposed

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BEVERLY HILLS—With Roxanna Jullapat aboard for almost a month now, Cabbage Patch is rolling out Saturday brunch, starting this weekend. [EaterWire]

LISTS—Quite a few locals made the cut for Esquire's annual list of the Best Bars in America, including the Edison (pictured), Redwood, Bar 107, La Cita, Bordello, Musso & Frank Grill, Red Lion Tavern and Chateau Marmont. [Esquire]

CHICAGO—Speaking of which, MenuPages Chicago has an illuminating explanation of John Mariani's dubious exploits as Esquire restaurant critic and basically, his shady reputation around the restaurant community. He makes two restaurateurs feel "dirty," an Alinea chef is shocked at his "douchebaggery," while he makes another chef question his own integrity for cooking for him. Oh, and did we mention the four-page list of demands he sends before visiting a restaurant? [MPC via ENY]