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Week in Reviews: Cecconi's Nabs the Deuce

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Today, the Lady of Virbila finally takes her anticipated turn at Cecconi's. Though it only takes one paragraph to reference the Ivy, she prefers the London import to its touted neighbor. Service is "like molasses" and the crowd leaves much to be desired, but with that said, Miss Irene deems the outdoor terrace a winner, and like others before her, is pleasantly surprised by the price point and range of offerings:

Lately, so few restaurants even attempt lunch, not to mention breakfast, that Cecconi's fills a real need in the neighborhood. And if you just want a new place to meet a friend for a drink or a light supper, Cecconi's should be on your short list.
For the most part, the food ranges from predictable to passable, but the menu can be played right. In the end, it's a two-star affair for the flashy WeHo heavyweight, and the final SIV assessment reads thusly: "With the possibility of half-portions, thin-crusted pizza and moderate prices, I'm betting this user-friendly Italian will have legs." [LAT]

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