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Chef Shuffles: More on the Craft Kitchen Moves

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Century City: Last night, La Dish revealed that there's been some chef shufflage at work in the Craft kitchen as of late, noting that chef de cuisine Matt Accarrino and pastry chef Catherine Schimenti have "left to pursue other opportunities." That's the official stance, but predictably, there's more to the story. According to our sources, Tom Colicchio was in town three weeks ago and it was then that he quietly gave Accarrino his walking papers, so Accarrino didn't exactly leave to pursue other opportunities. To fill the gap initially, Damon Wise—who runs the kitchen at Craft NY—was summoned from the East Coast to help out, but has since passed along his duties to the sous chefs. Schimenti, meanwhile, just quit on Sunday and has been replaced by Shannon Swindle from Craft Dallas.
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