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Playa del Rey Halts Its Happy Ending, Bar Bows Out

Playa del Rey: After several months of intense neighborhood opposition, Hollywood's unfortunately-named Happy Ending has completely cut bait on its Playa del Rey offshoot. Previously, the owners had planned on creating a "family-friendly sports bar" in the former Del space, but neighbors flexed their muscle, insisting that some things everything about the bar would condemn children to an eternity of fire and brimstone:

Neighbors argued the Happy Ending, which advertises beer pong contests, among other events, would promote drinking over dining and become a neighborhood nuisance. Others said the venue promotes a sexual theme they find inappropriate in a residential area

To make matters worse for Happy Ending's wholesome fun argument, the Hollywood location has been fingered in four drunk driving cases in the last 18 months (though that probably says more about the Hollywood clientele than the bar itself). Nonetheless, Happy Ending has decided that PDR is, in fact, not worth the hassle. No word on the space's next inhabitant, but off the top of our head, we can think of a few non-contenders based on name alone; Big Wangs, we're looking at you.
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[Photo: Alen Lin]