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Chow Fun: Philippe Chow Claims Dolce Space (Update!)

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West Hollywood: Hot off the presses—and perhaps as a surprise to the Dolce Group—comes the big news that Philippe Chow has finally found that elusive LA space. Chow's first eponymous West Coast resto will be going into 8284 Melrose Avenue, or as the announcement put it, "the space that formally housed Dolce." Thing is, Dolce isn't gone yet, didn't exactly prep for the news, and per the restaurant, just did 300 covers last night. So yeah, no word on when exactly Dolce will close.

But back to Philippe Chow. The upscale Chinese restaurant will encompass 5,000 square feet and 175 seats, while replicating the look/menu of the five other locations, with an opening slated for September. And yes, we're more than a little disappointed that Philippe couldn't find a space closer than three miles away from Mr. Chow, because we really would have enjoyed Chow Wars.

UPDATE: Dolce's statement: "Philippe has made us a generous offer and we are considering moving our flagship Dolce location within the West Hollywood community. Nothing has been finalized as of yet."
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[Photo: Dolce]