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EaterWire: BistroLQ Location Revealed, Mode Evicted

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2009_05_bistrolqtobe.jpgBEVERLY BLVD—The exact location of Laurent Quenioux's BistroLQ has been revealed, and it's going to be the space that currently houses Mimosa. [Eating LA]

DOWNTOWN—A mere 16 months after it was put out of its misery, Mode has been finally and ceremoniously evicted, reports Blogdowntown. Took long enough. [BD]

INTERNETOpenTable is going public this week, and Business Insider explains how they make money: "Across 8,090 member restaurants, the average restaurant pays OpenTable $515 each month...Restaurants are really paying $515 to gain 197 new customers, which comes to $2.61 per customer." Also, WSJ reports that OT has been hit with a suspiciously-timed patent infringement lawsuit. [BI/WSJ