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Eater Tracking: La Bistecca Nears, Recession Be Damned

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Not pictured: an adjacent grand piano.
Not pictured: an adjacent grand piano.

Downtown: Opening next Thursday is La Bistecca, LA’s latest steakhouse. Squeezed into the historic Rendezvous Court in the Millennium Biltmore Hotel, the blatantly-swanky restaurant is the brainchild of the hotel’s two native Italian chefs (executive chef Franco de Dominicis and his sous Orazio Parisi), who desired a more fine dining experience in the hotel. La Bistecca will be an Italian-style steakhouse, headlined by six different steaks, with pricetags from $36-$48. Even though there's also an entree section with offerings in the $15-$25 range (including Kobe meatballs—there's a basketball joke in there somewhere), suffice it to say that the restaurant isn't exactly following the trend of casual dining spots popping up during this little recession of ours, so it should be very, ahem, interesting to see how it fares. La Bistecca will be open four nights a week.
—Harlow Quinn