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EaterWire: Hard Rock En Route, Pastis to Shutter

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HOLLYWOOD—Get ready for the newest member of the Hollywood and Highland club: Hard Rock Cafe. The restaurant will take over the massive space soon to be vacated by the Virgin Megastore. And we do mean massive: 20,000 square feet, 500 seats, a live concert area and of course, a shop selling "Hard Rock merchandise and rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia." [LA Land]

TWITTERVERSE—Rocco DiSpirito still can't believe that Adam didn't win. [Twitter]

BEVERLY BLVD—Just a few days after news of Mimosa's closing was released comes the news of another Beverly Boulevard staple's imminent shuttering. Pastis is now slated to close sometime in the first half of June; a new cafe called House will replace it during late summer. [LAT]
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