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Alan Richman's Mozza Disaster

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2008_12_mozza.jpg Alan Richman recently listed his top 25 fave pizza spots in the country, and (shockingly) skimped on Pizzeria Mozza. Last week, Richman hinted that he went on an off-night, and now he expounds on his experience: "Mozza could not have had a worse day. There was a hole in the roof, and we were right under it. It was an Arctic pizza experience. We finally got moved to another table, but it was just one table over. It took us going berzerk. It was like a Jack London story. We needed to build a little lean-to. Eventually a wealthy friend of mine arranged to have a Mozza pizza delivered to my hotel. And it was good." [The Feedbag]

Pizzeria Mozza

800 West Coast Highway, , CA 92663 (949) 945-1126 Visit Website