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Week in Reviews: Reservoir Feels the 1/2-Star Wrath

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SIV strikes again, today ripping newish Silver Lake resto, Reservoir, leaving it with a mere 1/2-star. After a long awaited opening, more was expected from Gloria Felix (AOC, Jar), who touts "seasonal rustic" fare, though according to Miss Irene, the "menu hardly budges from week to week." On the sort-of positive side, she had a wonderful time at dinner "despite the food" which she calls "oddball" and like "baby food for adults." Ouch. Nonetheless, SIVie was a big fan of the building/space:

It's a charming building, a California bungalow with a bank of windows on one side, just above the banquettes. With the windows thrown open, the small dining room has a wonderful, intimate feeling.
But with the bit of good comes still more bad: "quarters are close" and the noise level can be "punishing." Double. Ouch. In the end, the food is stagnant and lackluster except for dessert which is a few notches above the mains. SIVie sums it all up with one simple statement, "everything is right about Reservoir except the food." [LAT]

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[Photo: Yelp]