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EaterWire: Top Chef Vegas, Cool Haus Tonight, MORE!

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LAS VEGAS—It's no secret that Top Chef Vegas will be coming to a tv screen near you, but we just got intel that major drama will air October 28th. According to the source who got a super special sneak peak of the upcoming season, we should expect mostly yummy food in addition to some undisclosed juicy gossip. [LVW]

SILVER LAKE—Finally! We know where you can find Cool Haus tonight! Come by Hollyhock House (4800 Hollywood Blvd.) and for $25, enjoy a picnic-esque dinner, compliments of Cool Haus and Silverlake Wine. [EaterWire]

WEHO—As you can see, Jian BBQ has received a bit of a mod makeover with a new sign... [B+S]

CULVER CITY—We recently tracked Le Saint Amour and we now inform you that the the Parisian bistro at 9725 Culver Blvd opens today. Expect the full regalia of French bistro fare. [EaterWire]