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Stefan's World: Restaurant Nears, Fun Quotes Continue

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It certainly doesn't seem like Stefan Richter's loss to Hosea has slowed him down one bit. Last week we caught Stefan at The Grove not-so-fiercely competing against Betty Fraser (Top Chef season two, Grub), where he informed us that his new resto will be opening in Santa Monica in about a month. He's keeping the name under wraps, but did say that it will serve "sexy food." But that's just the tip of iceberg for Stefan's exploits lately.

We also learn from Playboy's The Imbiber that Stefan recently threw a soiree at his abode in Santa Monica where he showcased his cooking capabilities alongside cocktails made from (shocker) Le Tourment Vert absinthe (he would choose an absinthe pairing). More entertainingly, Stef also displayed his drinking capabilities in a drunken rant where, when asked who would win in a fight against his rival Hosea, Stef assured everyone that he would kick Hosea "hard in the fucking balls" and that Hosea is a "bitch ass mother fucker." He was joking, natch. We think.

And finally, New York Mag's Grub Street tells us that Stef recently taught a cooking demo at the CIA, and according to a student's blog, My Adventures in Culinary Land, “A gal couldn’t get a drink of water in the TK [test kitchen] without him creeping up behind you. He made the lamest Trout Almondine ever." From Youtube fun to absinthe to hitting on little girls, all we can say is...tisk tisk.
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