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Inevitabilities: Now There's a Chinese-Mexican Truck

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And the Kogi effect continues. The latest mobile food to rock the LA late night dining scene is the Don Chow truck. It's the offshoot of Coronado's Fresh Mexican Kitchen in San Gabriel and has taken the trend to the untapped realm of Chinese-Mexican fusion, offering tacos/burritos stuffed with Kung Pao chicken or Chinese BBQ pork. Also on the menu: are "chimales," simply described as Chinese-Mexican tamales.

Thus far, the Don Chow truck has been stationed sporadically outside Venice Beach bars and SBE's Area nightclub on La Cienega, and naturally, there's a Twitter feed for you to keep up with its whereabouts. Turns out we were eerily prophetic when we joked about chow mein tacos a few weeks ago (we're scared too).

Bonus: We'd also like to add that Coronado's just signed a lease for a new downtown location. Projected opening date is September 2009.
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