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Week in Reviews: Huckleberry Nets 1.5 SIV Stars

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Miss Irene braves the Santa Monica crowds at Huckleberry this week. Though she spends the first two-thirds of the review counting the merriments of the various sweets and pastries, she eventually comes to the conclusion that the rough edges compound the fact that Huckleberry is "costy":

As good as breakfast is, though, you're basically paying Campanile prices without the beautiful room or the finely tuned service. You stand in line, order, pay, get a number and the hot food is delivered to your table when it's ready. If it's not delivered to someone else's table, something that seems to happen not infrequently.
Well it is a cafe/bakery not fine dining, but we digress; there are more downsides for Lady Sherry. The cafe menu needs "more serious work," sandwiches are "messy," and salads don't meet her aesthetic standards. That said, the sweets are still a hit, and there's no denying that Huckleberry is a valuable asset to the food scene. End results are 1.5 stars and a prognostication: "With time, I'm sure it will come around." [LAT]

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Huckleberry Cafe

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