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EaterWire: Hefty Restaurant Fines, Haru Shuttered

LOS ANGELES—The EEEC went through two days of restaurant industry enforcement activity and has handed out $130,000 worth of fines to one local restaurant: "Investigators cited El Bucanero’s owner, Julio Cesar Cervantes, $10,000 for failure to carry workers’ compensation insurance and $85,750 for paying his 10 employees in cash .... Other penalties included $17,150 for failure to pay minimum wage, and $17,150 for failure to pay overtime wages." [BusinessWire]

TUSTIN—Less than a year into its lifetime and nary a month after it got reviewed in the OCW, Haru Izakaya has not only shuttered, but it has also been evicted. The front door is currently brandishing the following memo: "If you re-enter these premises, you (sic) in violation of the law." Unfortunate. [Stick a Fork]

GROSS OUTS—The victim of today's alleged TGI Friday's snake head gross out sends in a blurry shot of the snake to Consumerist (yum). [Consumerist via ENY]

[Photo: OCW/Edwin Goei]