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Eater Poll: Is the Enomatic Trend Welcome or Not?

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Photo: Salute

At least several times a year, LA seems to experience a surge of new wine bars, but with this latest miniboom, some are noticing a trend that borders into gimmickry: the Enomatic wine machine. For those unaware, the Enomatic is a wine dispensary system wherein the drinker slips a credit card in return for a pour of vino. In no way are the machines new, but they are becoming more prevalent, as seen at Pourtal, Salute and a few others. Miss Irene dubbed Salute's version "a novelty, fun once or twice, but not for anybody who actually wants to drink wine." Then yesterday, BlackBook filed a borderline rant on the cold sterility of the Enomatic, labeling it a "lazy way out of wine drinking." And so we pose the question to the masses: