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Week in Reviews: Susan Feniger's Street Nets 1.5 Stars

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The Lady of Virbilia bestows a lukewarm review on Susan Feniger's ode to street food from around the world at Street. She seems surprised that "nothing is very weird, actually, at all" and continues on to say that "Feniger could be much more adventurous, but she's playing it safe" with her mostly global comfort food menu. SIVie seems unconvinced about the menu as a whole and challenges the notion of worldliness:

The way elements such as coconut milk or cumin repeat, it's hard to call Street's menu a true around-the-world experience. For one thing, not much from Mexico or Central and South America has made the cut, probably because she's already been there and done that with Border Grill and Ciudad.
While Virbils saves a few words of praise for the "delicious Cuban stuffed potato cake" and the "Rice something your Korean grandmother would make," she speculates that transporting the tradition of street food into an actual restaurant interior may be counterintuitive and she's "not convinced it works," hence the 1.5 star stamp. In the end, the juxtaposition of flavors and cuisines doesn't completely work for her, and in true Irene fashion she coos "after a motley meal here, I end up feeling as if I have jet lag." [LAT]

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