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EaterWire: Attempted Mushie Smuggling, Pas Bans Street Signage, Shin Hosts Movie Night

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OUT AND ABOUT— Today marks Day 1 of the Tennessee music festival, Bonnaroo. Several concert-goers were arrested when police "intercepted nearly 36 pounds of Psilocybin (magic) mushrooms that were baked into about 500 peanut butter cups." Yikes. [CA]

PASADENA— City officials in Pasadena have started cracking down on restaurants that place menus under glass on stands positioned outside restaurants' doors. These signs are, in fact, illegal due to Pasadena's zoning codes, but the recent admonishments have left owners such as Jay Choi of Tani wondering, "“Why do this now? It’s a tough time for everybody, and to remove this advertisement would be very bad for business.” [PW]

HOLLYWOOD— This Sunday, and every alternating Sunday after that, join Shin for movie night at 8pm. This weekend the Korean bbq resty will screen Mallrats, and serve up a $25 all-you-can-eat menu. [EaterWire]

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