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Plywood Report: Kan 'n Dave's, Recess, plus MORE!

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As always, let us know if you spot some fresh plywood on your block. Bonus points and shiny gold stars if you include photos.

1) Culver City: We've been following the trail of splinters from Kay 'n Dave's construction site and are ready to announce that the resto should be ready to open next week. The Culver City location marks the 4th outpost for the Mexican-themed eatery, and will offer roughly 70 tequilas, plus feature two patios, one of which will have an open-air fire pit. [PLYWOOD]

2) Glendale: A tipster recently spotted some plywood action going on around the southeast corner of Dryden and Brand, and it looks like the spot will be called Recess, and serve up lunchy fare from salads to paninis. The chef behind this venture is Sevan Azarian, who, in the past, worked at Fury Rok & Rol Sushi Lounge in Newport Beach, and also worked as a private chef to Adam Sandler. [PLYWOOD]

3) Century City: Accoring to a few Chowsters and an OpenTable announcement, Brasserie Pascal has replaced French 75, keeping Pascal Olhats aboard as executive chef. [PLYWOOD]

4) Venice: Hotel Erwin has taken over the old Marina Pacific Hotel, and on June 25 will open its rooftop lounge, High, followed by its restaurant, Hash, which will start serving breakfast on June 29, and dinner on July 3. Curbed snagged some prelim photos, as well as a bit of history on the space. [PLYWOOD]