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VeeV_Bottle.jpgVenue: Luna Park (672 S. La Brea Ave.)
VeeV drink: This Cocktail Will Save The World (VeeV, cucumbers, strawberries and simple syrup. Muddle all ingredients and top with soda.)

Venue: Magnolia (6266 1/2 Sunset Blvd.)
VeeV Drink: Grape Collins (VeeV, grapes and a dash of simple syrup. Muddle ingredients and top with soda.)

Venue: Cecconi's (8764 Melrose Ave.)
VeeV Drink: La Dolce Vita (VeeV, St. Germain, raspberries, Fresh lemon and Rose Sumpante Brut. Muddle all ingredients, strain and serve in a martini glass.)

Venue: Montage (225 North Canon Dr.)
VeeV Drink: Citrus Samba (VeeV, Fresh Lemonade, 6 large mint leaves muddled and splash simple syrup. Top with soda.)

Venue: Geisha House (6633 Hollywood Blvd.)
VeeV Drink: Geisha Whisper (VeeV, Blueberries, lime juice and cucumber slices. Muddle all ingredients and top with soda.)

Looking for a better way to drink? Our friends from VeeV have a suggestion: the World's First Açaí (it's a superfruit!) Spirit. You can find it at the local establishments listed below. For more on VeeV, its green mission, and the açaí berry, click here.

[Inside West Hollywood's Cecconi's.]