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EaterWire: Mr.Cecils To Open In Manhattan Beach, The Orbitz of Beer, MORE!

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MANHATTAN BEACH— Next week Mr. Cecil's California Ribs will open up its third location at 1209 Highland Ave. Expect a blend of American bbq plus Asian influences. [EaterWire]

OUT AND ABOUTNBC LA gives us the scoop on a new website designed by two SoCal college friends that is "kind of like Orbitz for beer." It's called ThriftyBeer and provides the top ten beer deals at larger grocery stores by location. [NBC LA]

OUT AND ABOUT— If you thought the Hot Dog Death March was intense, then you may or may not want to check out Canadian comedian "Dougieluv" as he treks across American in effort to uncover why Americans love hot dogs. Take a gander at footage from his recent stop in LA. [EaterWire]