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EaterWire: Rowdy Burger Gets Licensed, Fresh & Easy Moves to Pasadena, Goa Rumors

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DOWNTOWN—Recently Rowdy Red Wine & Burger Bar kicked it up a few notches with the acquisition of their anticipated liquor license. After opening in January sans license and with a name that includes "Red Wine" in the title, they must be sighing with relief. [EaterWire]

PASADENA—With a many locations scattered throughout the Los Angeles area, Pasadena is finally getting its own branch of the 7-11 meets Trader Joe's convenience market chain, Fresh & Easy. It will take over the former Wild Oats Market space, and looks like it should be opening any week now. [PUwBY]

HWOOD—Rumors are swirling around that the old Goa spot on Cahuenga. Last year we got a heads up from the Daily Dish that Kris Keith was going to take over and turn the spot into a Mexican resto, but according to a tipster we heard that the new owner is Curtis Nysmith who plans on putting in a upscale sports bar. More to come!! [EaterWire]

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