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New Bars on the Block: Madame Royale, Guys & Dolls

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Update: Now with better photos!
WeHo/Hwood: Yesterday, we spotted the public opening of Parisian lounge Madame Royale in Hollywood. The speculated late night hot spot is the work of Gianni Capaldi and Brad Hoss, the boys behind Red Buddha Lounge and Play Nightclub. As the photos attest, their latest creation appears to be an amalgam of 1920's Moulin Rouge meets brick dungeon, with lots of ornate accoutrements. 6423 Yucca St; (310) 880-1643. website Status: Open now.

In other late night news, Guys & Dolls has officially taken over the space that formerly housed Guy's nightclub. Headed by Michael Sutton (Lodge, Goa, Charcoal), the newcomer boasts plush leather booths for party-goers to both sit and sip, or stand on to party the night away. Once G&D opens to the public, expect the prerequisite hot spot hullabaloo outside the red rope. 8713 Beverly Blvd; (310) 360-0290. Status: Opens Monday.

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