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Week in Reviews: Westside Tavern Takes Two

Today, SIV rides the escalator up from mall parking L2 to (mostly) dote on Warren Schwartz's newest venture, Westside Tavern. Perhaps a funny name for a restaurant located in a shopping mall, the Westside Pavillion, Virbils shares her surprise that "nothing is startlingly original, but what is unusual is how well-conceived and well-executed each dish is." Her highness delights that the food "is consistently good," especially the pizza which is "as good, or better, than most restaurant pizza around." Though, SIV repeatedly advises potential diners to be aware that:

The portions are huge at Westside Tavern. Unless you're a real trencherman, count on sharing appetizers and even mains, all of which make this Westside restaurant even more affordable.
She also did run into some red flags, notably the pastas were "over-sauced, not quite al dente, overambitious," and she didn't dig the Dungeness crab cake salad "mostly because the crab cake had more filler than crabmeat." All in all, SIVis deems the mall-gem "affordable" California tavern fare, and Warren Schwartz walks away with two shiny stars. [LAT]

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Westside Tavern

10850 W Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90064 310 470 1539 Visit Website