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The Dish: Bon Epi, Mini Bites

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Welcome to another edition of The Dish, your source for all the latest and greatest openings. Spot a newcomer we've missed? Do let us know.

2009_06_bonepi.jpg1) OC: Last week Irvine witnessed the quiet opening of it's second Chinese/French bakery, Bon Epi Patisserie and Cafe, a stones throw away for its first 85 Degrees Celsius. OC Weekly checked out the goods, confirming that both offer the same variety of desserts, and thus the two will be in direct sight and competition of each other. Tasty or tasteless, you be the judge. 2570 Alton Parkway; (949) 251-0070 [OCW]

2) Silver Lake: Move over White Castle (not that there are any in LA), because Mini Bites has opened about two-ish weeks ago in Silver Lake. A Hamburger Today gets first dibs on the mini burgers and declares them "impressive scale models of the full-sized sandwich[es]," but the "cheap beef that is underseasoned and overcooked makes for a weak burger no matter the size." 4481 Santa Monica Boulevard; (323) 666-4242 [AHT]

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