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TrendWatch: The Ubiquitous Dishtowel Napkin

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Gjelina's Dishtowel Napkin.
Gjelina's Dishtowel Napkin.
Original photo: Flickr/YoVenice

We've recently noticed that the ubiquitous starchy, white restaurant napkin has morphed into the ubiquitous cotton-striped dishtowel napkin at restaurants galore across the country, and especially here in LA. Super duper hot-ticket in NYC Locanda Verde keeps guests clean via a smallish white dishtowel napkin with a turquoise strip down the center. In LA, hipster spot Gjelina (which is rumored to have a 3 month waitlist for a table) uses the same napkin as Locanda Verde, while Warren Schwartz's newish Westside Tavern opts for a similar version, a bit larger with a blue strip. Then there is Fig, who mixes it up with a cream colored waffle-knit dishtowel with red strips around two borders.

Have you seen a dishtowel napkin lately? Let us know.


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