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Plywood Report: Thyme, BP Oysterette

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Welcome back to the Plywood Report, your ongoing chronicle of the next generation of restaurants and bars to hit LA. Spot some fresh ply on your block? You know the number.

Santa Monica: In addition to Stefan Richter's new restaurant that is slated to open Augustish, a handful of other new Santa Monica spots are in the works. First, we take a look at 1630 Ocean Park, the home of soon-to-be Thyme Cafe & Market. According to a Chowster, it will be a "market/cafe/bakery/deli concept a la Joan's on 3rd." Judging from photos it appears that there will be a table area in front of the display case, plus additional seating or room for loitering diners by the banquette on the right.

Also in construction mode, BP Oysterette. Located next to Boa on Ocean Ave in the old Richie Palmers Pizzeria space, BP Oysterette is the spin-off of Blue Plate on Montana. We broke the Oysterette news back in Jan, but it only now appears that the restaurant is under contrruction with a projected opening date in August. According to the window signage, BPO is currently looking to hire servers, a manager, and a sous chef. It's hard to tell what the space will look like from the rubble, but we do know that it will serve (shocker) oysters, and seafood. [PLYWOOD]
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