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Confirmed: Dolce to Shutter, Philippe Chow En Route

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West Hollywood: A few weeks ago we reported that Philippe Chow had snatched up the old Dolce space at 8284 Melrose Avenue, though despite Chow's announcement, nobody at Dolce seemed to know about it. Well, almost a month later, the Dolce people have confirmed what we knew all along: that Philippe will be moving into the space, and yes, Dolce will be closing, albeit with plans to relocate within the WeHo vicinity. But for now, the doors will shutter on June 30th, and until then the resto will offer 50% off on all food.

Back on the Philippe front, the resto is slated to open Septemberish and will resemble the other five locations. Expect 175 seats and approx 5,000 square feet of wiggle room.
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