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Announcing the Extravaganza for the Senses Ticket Giveaway Winners

Earlier this week we announced our Extravaganza for the Senses ticket giveaway and posted a couple amusing contenders. Thanks to everyone who participated, and before we announce the winners, some honorable mentions (sorry, no prize here): Michelle D, Valerie S, Truckulent, Jana'e H, and Alexis S. On to the winners.

Winner #1:

On a warm July morning
Our story is set
A gastronomic adventure
Of an unlikely quartet

A day at the beach
which quickly would yield
To a hunger with strength
that could bend tempered steel

Thanks again to all who submitted entries. Remember, if you want to go to the Extravaganza on July 18, tickets are still available and can purchased here. Thanks to the Saban Free Clinic for offering these tickets to Eater LA readers.

"To the promenade we go"
yelled Jimmy aloud
And I followed in step
seeing food in every cloud

We passed la salsa and cabo
and even pizza joe's
Walked by subway and wolfgang
through golden arches greasy glow

Head down and defeated
my stomach still screaming
I felt a hand on my shoulder
and saw my roommate Jamie beaming

"Good news my old friend!"
he said quite elated
"The Kogi truck is here,
and its the highest rated!!"

We quickened our pace
finally to the front of the line
When disaster struck
of the darkest design

Carrying blankets and glasses
and suits which to splash
We neglected to realize
that we had on us no cash!

With noon quickly approaching
and the truck soon to depart
Jamie answered our prayer
with his last $10 from the heart

Sadly to say
each burrito was $5
And with tax in addition
our hopes was far from alive

Until like an angel form heaven
a mystery blonde came from behind
And with a crisp dollar of charity
restored hope in mankind!

Winner #2:

i was not at coachella to see its debut
like most things foodie, i learned of it from you

eaterwire helped me, you sent me to their site
i’d have to wait til summer if i wanted my own bite

so very patiently i’ve waited
and read what those girls tweeted

haven’t made it to the brig
downtown art walk, trip’s too big
barnsdall art park / DWR
this coolhaus truck’s been near and far

they held a contest to name a flavor
my suggestion was out of favor
‘isamousse noguchip’ (i’d thought it clever)
winner ‘louis kahnteloupe’? (whatever!)

finally i saw the truck
at CaBoom i was in luck
silver and pink with a boom box attached
freya and natasha had whipped up a batch

i got in line with my three bucks
but here’s the part that really sucks
all before me got their sammies
drippy, chewy, 2-inch yummies

i want my richard meyer lemon
and one of each of what they’re sellin’
i’m next in line, they will be mine, now there is no doubt!
“i’m so sorry,” she said to me “we have just sold out!”

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