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Eater Giveaways: Mobile Food Poetics

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Welcome to Mobile Food Poetics, a daily dose of submissions from our ticket giveaway for Extravaganza for the Senses at the Fox lot on July 18. Later today we will announce the contest winners, but first another verse:

"Food, food, food 2008_07_extrava%20logo-thumb-thumb.jpg
It’s everywhere you look
Food, food, food
Does anybody cook?

Koji is the best
But what about the rest?
They’re good - for an imitation
Or just a bad duplication?
Food, food, food
Now it’s on wheels
Food, food, food
It’s how I eat my meals!

Maybe I’ll get my own truck
And drive around L.A
Maybe someone will stop
And ask what I’m serving today

I’ll tell them “It’s smoothies”
And hope they’re in the mood
To slurp on something icy cold
Instead of hot food

I’ll advertise on Twitter
And hope they follow me
To try our brand new flavor
Called apple-mango-pea!

Ew! You might say
But we’ll have to make them healthy
After all, we’re in Hollywood
Land of the pretty and wealthy

But, when this fad is over
You’ll forget that we were there
To serve you veggie smoothies
Made of spinach, corn, and pear!"

·Extravaganza for the Senses Ticket Giveaway [~ELA~]

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