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EaterWire: Bistrotek Reopens, Top Neapolitan Pizza Named, Lemonade Updates, MORE!

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LAX VICINITY— After shutting down in January for "renovations" Bistrotek recently reopened for breakfast and dinner with "revamped" (according to the website) contemporary California menus. [EaterWire]

AROUND TOWN— Though LA isn't exactly known for its pizza (except for perhaps Vito's and now Joe's) Grub Street rounds up LA's top Neapolitan pizzerias. Base rules? Must have "a twelve-inch round pie, often unsliced; a thin, soft, and chewy crust; bubbles on the rim; simple but quality sauces; a modest amount of mozzarella di bufala; and a few stingy drops of olive oil." Candidates range from David Myers Pizzeria Ortica, to lesser known The Good Pizza. [Grub Street]

VENICE— Just a few quick updates from Lemonade. Preparing to open before the end of July, the restaurant is currently undergoing final inspections and, once cleared, with be soft opened for about a month before going whole hog. [EaterWire]

MORE BASTILLE DAY— Tonight, if you choose to dine at Nook in West LA, tell your server “Let them eat cake, I’ll have a beer,” and you will be given a Fischer Amber beer on the house. [EaterWire]


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