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EaterWire: Chow vs. Chau, The Bungalow Club Gets A Makeover, Meat Loaf Sings for Sauce

OUT AND ABOUTMore drama unfolds in the real Mr.Chow vs. Philippe "Chow" saga, now with Mr.Chow's attorney purporting that he has physical evidence which proves Philippe Chau purposely changed this name to "Chow" in order to dupe customs and profit from the "Chow" name. However, the lawsuit is certainly not holding Chau/Chow back. He is working on opening up his newest Philippe establishment in the shuttered Dolce space, and recently filed for a liquor license. [GS]

MID-CTY— In addition to 15 new microbrews now on its beer menu, Melrose Avenue's The Bungalow Club recently finished a series of renovations upgrading its outdoor patio and adding a full bar with balconies and a dance floor to its upstairs lounge. [EaterWire]

TV LANDMeat Loaf will apparently do anything for love. Even sing about steak sauce. [YouTube]