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The Dish: Bistro LQ Opens on Beverly

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After taking over the old Mimosa space, Laurent Quenioux's Bistro LQ officially opens this evening. The smallish restaurant on Beverly Blvd. offers a handful of outdoor tables which are sure to be a hot ticket once the weather cools down a bit, plus about two dozen interior tables for hot days like these. The space is simply painted with white and blue walls, devoid of artwork save for a gaggle of hanging glass bulbs that mark the interior entrance. The comprehensive menu features Overtures; The Seas, The Rivers and The Oceans; Meat and Fowl; and From the Garden. A separate menu highlights Johan Zerrouki and Chef Quenioux's cheese cart that will stock 20-25 specialties from around the world.

Most dishes are available in full or half portions with full-sized appetizers ranging between $9-$18, and entrees from $21-$29. And, just a heads up, this is not your typical bistro. Expect dishes like uni tapioca pudding with yuzu and osyters, "oat meal" with fennel lobster broth and cinnamon roasted lobster, and squab with duck hearts and duck gizzard, just to name a few. For those in the mood to imbibe, choose from a small selection of craft beers, and an extensive international wine list. 8009 Beverly Boulevard; (323) 951-1088; website
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