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Eater Giveaways: Tickets To Preview Julie & Julia

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It's officially time to reveal the next Eater giveaway. By now everybody knows the book turned film Julie & Julia which chronicles New Yorker Julie Powell as she cooks and blogs her way through Julia Child's Master the Art of French Cooking. The film hits theatres August 7, so we though it fitting to hand out 10 pairs of tickets to a private screening on Aug 4. Yes, not one, two, or three pairs, that's 10 pairs. More than enough to go around. But not so fast, there's always a catch. To win the tickets, we ask for your best Julia Child look-alike photo. Maybe it's your Aunt, Sister, Mom, that Professor that once gave you a D, or seventh cousin removed, you get the idea. Send us your best JC look-alike photo and make sure to include your relationship to the clone, and we shall bestow upon you admission for two the the pre-screening of Julie & Julia. Happy photo hunting. [ContestWire]