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Pre-Plywood Report: Birdbath Makes A Splash in WeHo

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Birdbath's West Village bakery.
Birdbath's West Village bakery.
Photo: Flickr/Hornette

West Hollywood: Take a gander up above at what is in store for Santa Monica Blvd. at Robertson later this year. Get hungry. Maury Rubin of the City Bakery fame will be opening an LA outpost of Birdbath, the self-proclaimed NYC “neighborhood green bakery.” Though construction has yet to begin, building plans are being finalized and permits are being requested. Like the NYC locations, the WeHo space will be built from 98% sustainable building materials, the staff uniforms will be sustainably devised, and the bakery will be wind and solar powered.

Menu items will include breakfast pastries and lunchtime savory items, and here's a saliva-inducing sneak peak of the menu: Miso Morning Glory Muffins, Malibu-Made Honey Scones, "Green" pizzas (leeks, scallions, mint on caraway pizza dough), Tofu Hot Dogs "Green Energy" Cookies (organic butter cookies with jalapeno) and beverages including Edible Flower Lemonade, Birdbath Sangria (non-alcoholic Hibiscus-Cranberry with Chopped Local Fruits), and Cold Hot Chocolate. Birdbath will also offer the same NY green incentive, 15% off all items for those who arrive via bicycle or hybrid vehicle. And a last note for all City Bakery fans, while Rubin’s priority is to open 2-3 Birdbaths first, he is looking into a new location for City Bakery as well. [PRE-PLYWOOD]
—Yvonne Ip