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Padma To Remain on Top Chef

In a vital TV Guide piece overlooked last week, Padma explains she won't be the star of her new sitcom, reminding everyone it might not even get made:

"’s an ensemble cast—I’m not starring in it. I will have a recurring role in it, but I have too much to do on Top Chef as well as my jewelry company...Putting my producer hat on, I want to do what’s best for the show. That means getting the best actress for the job, and that may not be me for that particular role...As we all know, it’s very, very, very rare and special when something even makes it on air...while all the attention is flattering, it’s also very daunting."
Letdown! For now it's enough that she's dispelling those terrifying rumors that she would be leaving Top Chef for the show. Gal was nominated for an Emmy for it after all (though, let's be real, she should have been nominated for the Star Trek cameo). [Eater NY]

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