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The Shutter: Murano, Ma Petit Bakery

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It's sniffs all around as we bring you yet another edition of The Shutter. Yikes, this week has been quite a doozy. For any more spottings, tips go in the tip jar. Merci.

1) West Hollywood: On the heels of One Sunset's shutter-to-be comes Murano, also throwing in the towel on Sunday. No additional details, except the message was sent out via Facebook. [EaterWire]

2) Downtown: Oy, so many shutters, so little time. Very sad. Say good-bye now to Ma Petit Bakery & Cafe, the 8 monther that resided in the Douglas Building on Spring Street. The website is doneski, the phone line has been disconnected, and a reader noticed it was...closed...for good. [EaterWire]