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BLOCKBUSTER: Top Chef 6 Contestants Announced

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Now that filming in Vegas is complete, Bravo is ready to announce the 17 cheftestants competing in the upcoming Top Chef 6, debuting this August 26 at 9 p.m. Unsurprisingly, the soon-to-be reality stars are better looking than ever, and building on the success of last season's Team Europe, we have a Frenchie in the mix. There are more exec chefs and chef/owners representing a wider swath of the country, and oh goodness, it looks like there are brothers competing. Bryan Voltaggio is a cheftestant with a restaurant caleed VOLT while Michael Voltaggio, our homeboy, comes from the Bazaar. In other news, San Francisco, Philly, and the DC area (as predicted) represent, while New York has surprisingly only one competitor, Trestle on Tenth's sous chef Ash Fulk. Word on the street is Volaggio (Michael that is) is the person to beat. To the full list! [via Eater NY]

Laurine Wickett, San Francisco
Profession: Chef / Owner Left Coast Catering
Culinary Education: A.O.S Culinary Arts, C.I.A

Preeti Mistry, San Francisco
Profession:: Executive Chef, Google, Bon Appetit ManAgement Company

Ron Duprat, Hollywood, Fla. and Naples, Fla.
Profession: Executive Chef

Hector Santiago, Atlanta, Ga.
Profession:: Chef-Owner, Pura Vida ~ Latino Tapas Restaurant & Bar
Bonus: Santiago has two James Beard nominations for "Best Chef, Southeast."

Jesse Sandlin, Baltimore, Md.
Profession: Executive Chef, Abacrombie Fine Foods

Jennifer Carroll, Philadelphia, Pa.
Profession:: Chef de Cuisine 10 Arts by Eric Ripert

Robin Leventhal, Seattle, Wash.
Profession: Chef, Artist and Teacher

Ash Fulk, New York City
Profession: Sous Chef at Trestle on Tenth

Eli Kirshtein, Atlanta, Ga.
Profession: Executive Chef, Eno Restaurant and Wine Bar

Michael Isabella, Washington, D.C.
Profession:: Executive Chef, Zaytinya

Jennifer Zavala, Philadelphia, Pa.
Profession: Executive Chef, El Camino Real
Culinary Education: Self-Taught

Eve Aronoff, Ann Arbor, Mich.
Profession: Chef-Owner, Eve

Mattin Noblia, San Francisco, Calif. (native of France)
Profession: Owner, Iluna Basque
Culinary Education: C.A.P. de cuisine in southern France, the Basque Region

Kevin Gillespie, Atlanta, Ga.
Profession: Executive Chef & Partner, Woodfire Grill

Michael Voltaggio, Los Angeles
Profession: Chef de Cuisine at Bazaar by Jose Andres
Bonus: Voltaggio has quite the impressive resume, with a number of culinary awards, include the "AAA 55 Diamond" and "Mobil Award." In addition, he was finalist for the James Beard "Best New Restaurant" award.

Bryan Voltaggio, Urbana, Md.
Profession:: Chef/Partner, VOLT Restaurant

Ashley Merriman, Seattle, Wash.
Profession:: Chef at Branzino in Seattle, Wash. (though her bio also says she works for Alex Guarneschelli in NYC).

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